What I learned on my Summer Vacation

​“Everywhere is walking distance, if you have the time.”  Steven Wright ​Well guys, I’m back.  Oddly enough, it is good to be back.  Prior to my departure I had been working daily on the book.  It is coming along better than expected, but still there are good days and bad days with it.  We have justContinue reading “What I learned on my Summer Vacation”

Part II. Are we stuck in the Matrix?

​“A truth that’s told with bad intent beats all the lies you can invent.” William Blake ​Part II.  Folks, I may lose some people here.  That is okay.  I understand.  The purpose of all of this ultimately, is to tell the truth.  Truth depending on a point of view means different things to different people.  IContinue reading “Part II. Are we stuck in the Matrix?”

Wisdom From My Father, The Kid goes to Boot Camp

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” ― Socrates ​“One of my favorite authors and poets of all time is Norman Maclean.  A true transplanted Montanan such as I consider myself.  The man of “A River Runs Through It” fame.  If for that and not anything else, every Montanan knows who NormanContinue reading “Wisdom From My Father, The Kid goes to Boot Camp”

45 Tips to Get Through Life

“We must never accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope”. Martin Luther King Good morning all. I hope you are having a pleasant day and your weather is cooperating as well as mine is. This will not be a long piece by any metric today. It is just something that has beenContinue reading “45 Tips to Get Through Life”


Hello everyone.  I hope you are all well today and life is trending the appropriate direction.  This piece is going to be a little bit personal for me today.  It will be difficult to write at times.  However, I felt compelled to abandon my previous intention and wax philosophical on this subject instead.  I feltContinue reading “OVERCOMING DESPAIR, RISING AGAIN”