A Funny Thing Happened to Flynn, And What Happens Next?

​“Who so diggeth a pit for another shall fall himself therein; and he that rolleth that stone, it will return upon him”. Proverbs 26:27 ​Folks, I am really at a loss this morning.  I mean, I am utterly flabbergasted.  I do not know what to say.  As a student of history, politics, government, and lawContinue reading “A Funny Thing Happened to Flynn, And What Happens Next?”

Why General Flynn Had To Go.

“What happened to General Michael Flynn, a war hero, should never be allowed to happen to a citizen of the United States again!” -President Donald John Trump I could not agree more.  Welcome to the blogging lawman and our very first topic of discussion. I am glad that you have taken the time to visit.Continue reading “Why General Flynn Had To Go.”