Career law enforcement officer of 18 years, and veteran turned writer. Aspiring author (currently working on first novel), researcher, skeptic and free thinker.

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Robert Frederick – The Blogging Lawman

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.


The above quote has always been a favorite of mine. My own personal permission slip to embark on the journeys that I have desired. Today, I take the step that I have long held myself back.

I consider myself first and foremost a lawman. I have a broad range of experience that I acquired over a nearly 18 year career in the profession. I have worked in private sector, local/state, federal, and military law enforcement. I wonder sometimes if there is a law enforcement situation that I have not seen or dealt with. I have seen or been a party to more precarious law enforcement situations than I can even care to recall. When I say that I am a lawman, I would hope those that know me would agree. 

I was a military man. I am a multi-decorated veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom. I saw a lot during my career in service. During my career, I lived overseas for three and a half years. I had access to several General Officers. I had a security clearance. I had access to and safeguarded classified information. I had access to and witnessed numerous working areas, documents, and materials classified as SECRET and TOP SECRET. Like I said, I have been around. 

During the course of the life I led and the experiences I had, I often look back and find myself extremely lucky to still be here and above ground. I often look back at ventures left not attempted, roads not traveled, and goals never reached. One of the first and foremost being my love for writing. I figure that it is time to start a new book in my life with a lot of new chapters.

I have loved writing for as long as I can remember. I have won several writing awards and young authors awards. Songwriting contests, essay contests, poems, short stories, the list goes on. At some point, I think I allowed my life to take me another direction and I stopped making time for writing. Not anymore.

What I would like to accomplish with this venture more than anything is to help people. I have been told that my writing style communicates a lot to a lot of people that cannot otherwise be said. If I can use that to inform someone, comfort someone, or even make someone laugh, I would consider that a tremendous accomplishment. My interests are vast, and I don’t foresee myself painting myself into the corner of just one specific niche or area of subject matter. I do not want to be tethered by one area of the blogosphere only. My first love is the law and law enforcement. I come from a large law enforcement family, and I have been enveloped in the field my entire life. 

That said, I have many interests I would like to cover in this blog. History, government, politics, science, current events, music, family, faith, and everything in between. This blog will especially be for the free thinker, one who is never quick to accept what they see on social media or on television. This will especially be for anyone who questions the nature of the world and their surroundings. 

If any of the above describes you, we welcome you and yours whole heartedly. 



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