After Trump, Then What?

​”To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children… to leave the world a better place… to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.” 

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

USA Today

Well folks, damn.  I suppose it has come to this point.  I did not ever want to have to write a piece like this.  But, we live in incredible times.  When I say that, I don’t think I necessarily would attribute a positive connotation to incredible.  They are just simply, I suppose unprecedented.  

I never thought after 2016 we would see chaos like we are now.  Pandemics (their word, not mine), arson, vandalism, shootings, murders, fake NASCAR nooses, an all-out war for the heart and soul of America.  It is simply incredible.  Most days on the news, it almost is reminiscent of the alternate 1985 in Back to the Future II.  Simply incredible.  

Real leaks, fake news.  Fake polls.  Fake primaries.  Fake Supreme Court decisions.  Fake court proceedings a la General Flynn.  It is hard to believe anything anymore.  At least as far as I am concerned.  I did not want to get too political with this blog.  I would have preferred to never comment on it at all.  I would have preferred to never comment on the election cycle of 2020.  At this point however, I figure what the hell?  That being the case, I am going to say something that may lose me quite possibly my entire following.  Or, worse. 

I support Donald John Trump for President in 2020.  I also supported him in 2016.  Although at that time, it came begrudgingly. 

Revealing this may cost me a lot of subscribers.  I simply don’t care at this point.  This may also motivate some wayward soul out there to track me down and confront me.  If that so happens, I don’t know.  Even with my ailing knees and my bad back, I think I would still bet on myself against a 122 pound ANTIFA goon who has never taken a punch before.  But, I digress. 

I support this President.  It was not always so.  To be honest, when Trump first descended his golden escalator in Trump Tower, I think my exact words I said out loud were, “You have GOT to be shitting me”.  My apologies for some of the colorful language.  I write from the heart, and I rarely censor myself.  If that is not something acceptable, please return to your regularly scheduled programming. 

When Trump first entered the political arena, I was fairly dejected.  Certain that Hillary Clinton would win because, it was her turn according to the powers that be.  I was almost through 8 years of Obama.  I felt like I couldn’t take anymore.  I had since given up on caring about elections.  I figured that none of it mattered.  I saw everyone entering the field and thought to myself, what a joke.  The joke was cap stoned by Donald Trump.  

When the first debates began, I did not know what to do.  I did not have any faith in the system at all, yet I wanted to see what a debate would look like with Trump.  The man from the Apprentice!  The man who whipped Vince McMahons ass at WrestleMania.  I just, I could not turn away.  I had to see for myself.   

Yes.  The allure got the best of me.  I admit it.  At the same time, it got tens of millions of other Americans too.  They were the most watched GOP debates in history.  Why do you suppose that is?  Because the spectacle of Trump at that time was just too entertaining to ignore.  For example, one of my favorites.

He had no serious proposals, no serious team, zero and I mean, zero experience, he was brash and inelegant, he was bombastic, he was loud, he had no articulable description for any policy he hoped to enact, he was eviscerated daily on every single news channel.  He was famously thrashed by the media and his opponents for not knowing what the nuclear triad was during a debate.  

However, something funny happened despite all of that.  Trump kept winning, and winning, and winning.  

He led nearly every single poll there was, it seemed like he won nearly every single state primary.  He received nearly 2 billion dollars in free media time.  Why?  Because even the media knows that Trump generates viewers, and viewers’ equal cash.  

How could this be, you might ask?  How did Trump mow down all of his primary opponents so easily, despite his perception of being a political buffoon?

Because, no one cared if he was a political buffoon.  People didn’t want a politician, period! 

I know because I was one of them.  No matter how many debates I watched, I became more convinced.  No matter how many Ted Cruz’s or Jeb Bush’s there were, I told myself, “Here we go again.  Here is the same old, polished, fake, rehearsed, inauthentic, drivel that I have heard my entire adult life!  The same old nonsensical, broken, self-serving ideas that result in never ending war and never ending illegal immigration.  There was only one candidate that was running to the complete opposite of any of it.  Donald Trump. 

I did not vote in the state primary.  Trump had assuredly wrapped up enough delegates by that time, so I simply didn’t see the point.  I still had no idea what I was going to do or if I was going to vote.  I was beginning to lean a certain way, but still unsure.  I saw Trump surrounding himself with people like General Flynn and Steve Bannon (don’t hold it against me, I was a big Breitbart supporter at the time) and I kept on marshaling toward the opinion that Trump may be different, that he may be authentically different this time. 

I had the hardest time with Trump from the beginning because, well, it just seemed to me that there was definitely the chance he was just screwing around.  Like, this is what billionaires do to entertain themselves when they have already done it all.  It didn’t make sense to me.  Why not just retire to West Palm Beach and enjoy the fruits of your labor.  It seemed like a great venue for him to hock the Trump brand one last time, for one last cash in.  I was very skeptical.  

I took that healthy dose of skepticism to the middle seat of my couch for the RNC.  The speeches that is.  My skepticism began to fade because there was talk of a brokered convention, flipping delegates, essentially trying to steal it from Trump.  I figured, this guy HAS to be on the right track if they are trying to flat out steal the nomination from him.  He HAS to be trying to completely flip the establishment.  

I saw the speech by General Flynn leading “lock her up” chants.  I said, whoa.  This can’t be for real.  I saw the impassioned defense of Trump by the person who knows him the best, Ivanka Trump.  Then, finally came the finale.  I will post, and I would encourage any and every one to review at their leisure.

I couldn’t believe it.  A platform that made sense.  A platform that was smart.  A platform that was actually pro American.  America first instead of America last.  When Trump railed, “Americanism, not globalism, will be our credo!” I think the writing was on the wall to me.  It was a shot across the bow at Hillary Clinton, and their whole cabal.  The line was in the sand.  

I still loved my country.  I still believed to some degree that my voice mattered.  I believed that my country was full of good and just people, and that it was still worth fighting for.  I saw the challenger to the throne.  Donald John Trump.  He was not perfect by any means, but at least he wasn’t out to get me.  Then we had, well, Hillary Clinton.  Who would have brought about confirmed, hell-on-Earth.

I decided that night to vote for Donald Trump. 

Nearly four years have gone by to the date.  And folks, what an unprecedented four years it has been.  I see many similarities if not an almost identical election cycle.  Frankly, with everything going on right now, it scares the shit out of me.  

Once again, I will be voting for Donald Trump in November.  

Is Trump perfect?  Oh, God no!  Not by any stretch of the imagination.  Once again, he is loud.  He is brash.  He is bombastic.  He plays to his own lesser base instincts far too often.  He is a shit talker when he doesn’t necessarily need to be.  He’s combative when he doesn’t need to be.  Mind you when he is combative and shit talks the media, I don’t mind one iota.  I would welcome it.  I do welcome it.  It is has been way past time for someone to do it.  

He hasn’t gotten everything 100% right in my book.  I don’t think he is pulling back on the endless wars as fast as he should.  I don’t like how we still bleed foreign aid to countries that either don’t reciprocate or don’t like us to begin with.  I don’t like the relationship with Israel.  I don’t think he has been tough enough on the European Union.  I don’t think he has been hard enough on Canada and Mexico.  I could probably nitpickall day long.  However, on the whole, he has done the majority of what he said he would.  He has been far more productive and fulfilled far more campaign promises than any President I can remember.  It is my belief my friends, that this is the sole reason the political class wants him out of office so badly.  So they can get back to the business of enriching themselves, and not the American people.  I would highly advise you to watch this clip too, to give you an idea.

It is that simple guys.  Nothing has changed.  In fact, the same forces are all working overtime this election.  The political class, the media, the entertainment industry, the banking industry, elements within our own military, the collaboration with foreign governments, they are all using every single tool they can muster in order to get Trump voted out of office (since getting him thrown out or impeached did not work).  You see the exact same tactics on display that you did in 2016.  Look at how coordinated the “polling” is and look how widespread it is.  Remember the polls in 2016?  You don’t honestly believe Joe Biden is up 16 points nationally, do you?  He can’t even crawl out of his basement, when he does, he can’t even formulate a complete sentence, when he tries, he makes a complete ass out of himself.  When he makes appearances, he can’t even draw as many people as Hill Dawg!  

So, they will try.  They will try the same playbooks all the way to November.  Several people have asked me if I think Trump will win reelection.  A month or two ago, I said it was readily in the bag.  Now, I really don’t know guys.  I do not see much stopping them getting vote by mail in certain strategically placed states.  I can only assume the voter fraud will increase, not to mention all the felons in diverse states that can restore their voting rights.  A peel back of COVID cases for optical reasons would really be beneficial, as well as a return to stock market norms.  Nothing, will help the President more than getting as close to the previously built economy as possible.  It is a really tough call for me, but pencil me in currently for 51-49 odds that Trump gets reelected.  We don’t historically switch horses in midstream, and Biden is an absolutely dreadful candidate.  We shall see.  

So Trump wins.  What happens then?  Well I can only assume one of a couple of things.  Maybe we sweep?  Maybe we hold all houses.  Maybe we can get the rest of his agenda done.  Maybe we can see an era of prosperity like never before! 

Maybe we lose Congress, and they lame duck him or impeach him to death.  Maybe we can split houses, and he still advances some of his agenda.  It is just too hard to say.  Either way if Trump wins reelection, we will be a hell of a lot better off than the alternative.  There will be no effective check and balance, and we will not see progress in Washington, until the criminal conspirators and the deep cover agents in government and in the media are rooted out and held accountable.  That is a decision that only Trump can pull the trigger on.  He might want to get to it sometime soon.  

So Trump is out of office January after the 2024 election.  Then what?  

After Trump, then what? 

Truth is, I don’t know folks.  My gut is telling me that after Trump, it is going to return to business as usual.  I believe as sits currently, we have three political parties and/or ideologies.  Republicans, Democrats, and Trumpism.  

Trumpism is not either or, but maybe a combination of the best of the two.  If there is much to be had anymore.  Trumpism is not indicative of any certain hemisphere of political ideology, per se.  Trumpism, I have always said, is simply pragmatism.  What is good for the country, what is not good for the country, what is right for the country, and what is wrong for the country.  It really is that simple.  Trumpism never takes a blue or a red approach to that end.  Said pragmatism doesn’t ride a donkey or an elephant.  That pragmatism uses all of the tools at everyone’s disposal, takes the best and brightest ideas of everyone in the room, hashes out what is the best out of the best by consensus, and makes it happen.  That is how the Trump brand was built in the first place.  And, that is where he has found his success in policy and practice with governing.  Trump takes the Trumpist approach because well folks, get this, he actually gives a damn about the country.  He gives actual results, rather than lip service. 

This is why the political class hates Trumpism so desperately.  While Trump is in office attempting to get the American people theirs, the political class cannot be out for theirs.  They can’t bribe foreign governments like Ukraine as easily, they can’t plot administrative coups on their political opponents, they can’t dump their stocks and insider trade, and they can’t leak classified information as a segue to lucrative post governmental contracts and book deals.  Trumpism stands at the door of business as usual.  

Trumpism is an aberration guys, in my opinion.  Short of Don Jr. or someone who is a true believer in Trumpism running in 2024, that’s it.  The political class will take back power by any means necessary.  They will not wait in the shadows quietly for yet another 8 years. 

I personally hope Don Jr. runs.  But, I would not count on it.  People ask me all the time about Pence.  It is my take that Pence would be business as usual too.  I don’t even know how he got on the ticket.  He has too many questionable connections.  He is not a true believer in Trumps brand of pragmatism.  I am not calling him a swamp monster yet, but it would not surprise me.  

What happens after Trump?  We will either get the next standard bearer of Trumpism, or its back to your regularly scheduled programming.  Even if so, I ask, so what?  The Presidency doesn’t make the country, we do.  The swamp monsters in DC don’t make this country, we do.  The Congress definitely doesn’t make this country.  We do.  After Trump, we will still be fine.  We may even thrive!  If we allow ourselves to.  



Published by Robert Frederick

Career law enforcement officer of 18 years, and veteran turned writer. Aspiring author (currently working on first novel), researcher, skeptic, and free thinker. Please follow, like, share, and email us any time to learn more and contribute.

One thought on “After Trump, Then What?

  1. As a Senior… In the way OUT… I am thankful to have had had four, hopefully eight years of Trumpism!!! I don’t think the next four will be easy because the evil that inhabits The Swamp is not gone or diminished.
    However my Grand will have four more years to grasp the world!!!!!
    As for me…. Bring it!!! I’m done!!!


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