A Message to Law Enforcement, Part I

“You will not win every battle. However, at least everyone will know what you stood for. “

Shannon Alder


​It occurs to me, an unpleasant truth. 

​Beyond unpleasant perhaps, simply exponentially painful. 

​There is a point I believe in every man’s life, where the true nature of his reality can no longer be avoided.  A truth so crushingly unbearable that it shakes the foundations of his very core.  Today, I believe I have met mine.  

This piece has a two-fold focus. Part II will come later on and be slightly modified from a law enforcement focus.

​First and foremost, I want to speak to my brethren of the badge.  To the men and women in law enforcement, whether private sector, military, federal, state or local, I consider you all my partners.  I carry the weight of the badge with you, shoulder to shoulder.  I know the difficult times we find ourselves in.  The times that try men’s souls.  The times that it appears, there is no good way forward and no easy way out.  For all of my brothers and sisters today, I only have one word for you.  A word I hope you will sincerely take to heart and give my experience and advice a modicum of consideration.  


​That’s right.  Quit.  You heard me correctly.  If you have a limited amount of time on the job, if you qualify or are very close to qualifying for retirement, or you have any kind of viable exit strategy, quit.  

​The time is now guys.  Now, this may run contradictory to previous pieces I have written.  I get it.  That fact is not lost on me.  I am a guy that has never quit a single thing in his life.  However, I also see the writing on the wall.  The time now is unlike any we have ever seen.  The specter of George Floyd will never lift from the whole of anyone who carries a gun.  Any man or woman with a badge is now a target.  Anyone with any positive sentiments toward law enforcement is a target of shame, degradation, and even physical violence.  Many or most of all our largest cities and metropolitan areas are either on fire, destroyed, or occupied by riotous gangs of militant left wing pillagers.  Law enforcement is outmanned, outgunned, out funded, and without support.  The greatest enemy of law enforcement is the most insidious one of all, the greatest tool of public perception bordering on mind control.  The media.  

​Only now in America is every single member of a single profession ONLY BAD.  It does not matter the percentages, statistics, criminal justice data, the Department of Justice’s own studies, or the fly in the face of every single illegitimate argument that has been or will ever be made.  Every single police department in the United States now is a roaming band of racist, murderous thugs.  Taxpayer funded groups of goons sent out to systematically target and murder people of color until they are all eradicated.  Sound insane?  It is.  But, where do you hear that every single day of every single major network?   Your own television set.  On your smart phone.  Every newspaper.  Every periodical.  Day in, day out.  Guess who else hammers this straw man home on a daily basis?  Most leaders and members of every political party!  Your own leaders who are protected by these same “thugs” 24/7.  These leaders that have Capitol Police, Secret Service, State Police, and private armed security at their beckoned call all day, every day.  They’re telling you, that the police should be defunded and disbanded.  Sound like insane rhetoric reminiscent of 1984 type mind control?  

​So, my theory is simple.  Quit.  

​Law enforcement is the ONLY profession on this planet where every single member is bad.  Not just a bad cop, but a bad person, bordering on evil.  There aren’t bad electricians, bad priests, bad plumbers, bad teachers, bad tailors, bad engineers, bad mechanics, and certainly not bad politicians!  No my friends, only cops are all bad.  Only cops get it wrong 100% of the time.  Only policing should be completely done away with.  I for one, would love to see one day without a single cop in Nancy Pelosi’s congressional district.  

​They want the police defunded?  Ok.  I say let them.  

​I don’t mean to sound cavalier at all.  Not by a long shot.  I simply recognize the times in which we find ourselves. 

​I cannot quit yet my friends.  At least, not yet.   I have too much time in which to give it all up.  I want to see how a couple of different ventures of mine shake out, first.  Then, who knows?  Again, to anyone out there who finds themselves in the aforementioned categories, I would seriously consider it.  Like a good friend of mine who is also on the job said to me the other day, “I would rather be a well-armed business owner, than a sheep dog for sheep that prefer the wolves”.  



Published by Robert Frederick

Career law enforcement officer of 18 years, and veteran turned writer. Aspiring author (currently working on first novel), researcher, skeptic, and free thinker. Please follow, like, share, and email us any time to learn more and contribute.

One thought on “A Message to Law Enforcement, Part I

  1. Sad to say, you have a pretty clear picture of the state of things.
    Hopefully you, your brothers and sisters can find an exit strategy that works for you.


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